Gimore Girls Lauren Graham:

Jan 23, 2006
I like her, I havent watched the show in about a year though ! I think she's a beautiful woman.

What do you think ?


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I adore her! It was my favorite show, but I have refused to watch it since the first episode this season, if her and Luke don't get back together I won't watch it at all.

So it sucks because I love watching her, she is talented and gorgeous!
I love her. 100% natural beauty. No fake boobs, no fake lips, no fake hair - just naturally stunning. Helps that she can actually act as well.
Never watch the show. She is cute and has a good peronality in interviews. Is she seeing Matthew Perry?
Is that true?? She did do a guest apperance on his new show, Studio 60, which, by the way, is fantastic.

I love LG...She looks like she is from another era to me. Can't wait to see what she does after Gilmore Girls.