Gimmie a clue reveal....

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  1. took the daily out for a visit to my favorite boutique!
  2. Woo Hoo .. can't wait to see and LOVE your daily:smile:
  3. me too!!
  4. [​IMG]

  5. gosh so sorry this is taking longer on cable and working off a portable wifi thing that is horrible slow...acks the last post didnt go let me get on with the clue..

  6. WOW .. it is lovely .. love the stingray:smile:
  7. in the last pic the bracelet is on this totally adorable snail shaped key pouch that my SA gave me that he picked up on his recent vacay...he's so thoughtful...and also gave me that small cosmetic pouch!
  8. thank you shalomjude!!!! just HAD to get something was driving me crazy!
  9. Lovely SA to give you such cute gifts .. love the bracelet .. such a nice colour this amarante?
  10. yes the color is the just like the bag it looks almost as if it is black indoors and in the sunlight it shows up plum/purple...I almost bought the illustration zippy organizer in the graphite...but wanted something I don't already bracelet it was....
  11. I love the colour .. I agree the agenda is cute but the bracelet is great purchase:smile:
  12. congrats!
  13. wow congrats! have you seen the ring of the same collection?
  14. Thanks rad0802

    Totz87 they did have the's really cute...
  15. Congrats! Its a beautiful bangle - do you know if it comes in a small? And congrats on the Illustration zippy! I love the little guy in his car - so cute!