Gimme your reviews on Be & D handbags

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  1. I have this bag on hold, been looking at it for a long while. It's on sale for $444 on NM (in store, online it's ~$700!!!:confused1: ).
    How do you like their bags, do they hold shape, is the leather sturdy?
  2. The bag is cute and kind of equestrian for some reason to me. I've seen them on the sale tables at both NMs in the DC area. As far as BE & D goes, I think that bag is very tame - they are usually more studded.
  3. oh, suli you are right, a very equestrian vibe. personally, i dislike a handled bag with a shoulder strap in addition. drives me nuts. the color is pretty though!
  4. I saw this bag too, and I was considering buying it, because the strap is long enough for cross-body wear. I could use a good cross-body bag. Not to hijack your thread or anything, but does anyone know anything about the quality of this brand?
  5. not a fan at all
  6. Kinda Western/O.K. Corral-ish.