Gimme a break bags...

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  1. for $486.75 in Zappos' COUTURE collection. Run, run before they're all out.

  2. That looks way too cheap looking for such an outrageous price. Is that made of nylon, like Prada bags?
  3. HAHAHAHA maybe when I was 7 I would have liked it to carry my barbies around in :lol:

    Except my mom would have only spent about $15 on it
  4. *raises one eyebrow* You have GOT to be kidding me.
  5. lol! I wouldn't pay 10 bucks for that ugly thing!
  6. $800??!! Are they insane?!
  7. hehe just terrible!
  8. Don't forget the basketball court bag's friend !

  9. these bags look pleather ! and are you kidding me, this bag is not worth over the 12 cents it cost to make it. ewwwwww.
  10. I am a big basketball fan so I thought the bag was cute at first. But the price is just uncalled for. really marks down their bags when they don't sell - up to 80% off. With the current pricetag these things have, they will be seriously marked down.
  11. Those are :sick: