Gilt Surprise Private Sale Going on now - check your e-mails from Gilt, ladies!

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  1. I received an e-mail from Gilt at 2:10pm
  2. We've been chatting about this for a while in the deals chat thread :biggrin:
  3. ooh oops.. sorry, I was just about to hit up the deals thread.. thanks meggy!
  4. They are having a private sale on Guilt Groupe for CL shoes. Nice selection. I just scored a Decoltissimo 85 Mm Pump in size 9.5 for $288.
  5. do you have a link or something?
  6. Yeah, I don't see anything.
  7. it won't let me log in!
  8. me either...and let me tell you I shop there alot!!! Oh well...I guess when they say 'private' they really mean it!:nuts:
  9. that is INCREDIBLY obnoxious!
  10. ^^Wow, me too. spacegirl173 did you get an invite from them and that's how you got in?
  11. Can someone check on the link ? Cuz when I entered my acc/ password, I couldn't log in to the page, but when I got back to the mainpage, I could log in my account.
  12. I received an email from them. i guess the last time they had CL shoes on sale, i wasn't able to buy any. I can forward the email to you guys if you like.
  13. Hm! I can't get in either! Weird.
    I wonder how other people got an invite.
  14. I think you needed to have CL shoes on your wait list. From the email I received:

    Looking at our wait list records, it appears you might not have been able to get the pair of shoes you wanted during our last Christian Louboutin Sale. So we're excited to let you know that we’ve secured additional inventory.