Gilt Groupe Prices Are Not Always Sale Prices

  1. I kinda agree with the OP. I mean, there is a reason you join sale get Sale Prices. I tend to shop (like most people I assume) based on reputation. While that might not be smart of me, certain brands market themselves a certain way. For instance, if I went to Marshalls and bought item X and the next day saw item X at Nordies for the exact same price...I'd be pissed too.

    I haven't had my socks knocked off by Gilt though, their prices seem waaaaay to high for me to even want to browse. So, I get turned off. BUT, they do respond to tweets (I follow them!) and they are super nice. So if you have an issue, tweet them!
  2. Good to know about them before I bought something...I thought their prices looked high...
  3. It never fails, whenever I see a non-fashion item there (books or music), guaranteed it's less expensive elsewhere w/free shipping to boot!
  4. Gilt has steadily had higher prices over the past few years i my opinion...they have different cash disbursement policies than Haute Look, etc (more favorable). I don't shop there can usually find way better deals that you can try on at the NM/Saks sales.
  5. I just bought two pairs of Brian Atwood shoes on the Gilt sale ... I got a great bargain, but I'm sad to hear they are into the "Bluefly" version of bargains, which means mark up the price to fantasy and then pretend the "sale" price is a deal.
  6. The inflated prices were a big part of why I stopped shopping at Gilt. It's been almost a year since I've even checked the site, but I kept seeing items listed at different prices elsewhere and grew tired of always questioning whether the price listed was accurate or not.
  7. I am SO fed up with their "sales". And I am tired of seeing the same stuff recycled over and over with a new sale heading. When they first started their site, the deals were best buy was my DH's Ralph Lauren Purple label polo for $49 down from $295. You will never find deals like that again. Their occasional blowout sales have good prices, but limited sizes, unwearable pieces, and the fact that they sell out fast make it not worth it. I check out the "Home" section, but again, the prices are astronomical...but I am more likely to find unusual stuff there rather that I buy. I like OneKingsLane better- some good deals there.
    As far as clothing and accessories- I haven't bought anything from Gilt in well over a year- the prices and shipping are not a deal IMHO. I will stick with NM/Nordies/outlet sales.
  8. I buy on Gilt but not asmuch as I have in the past..

    Am able to find things & better prices elsewhere...