Gilt Groupe Prices Are Not Always Sale Prices

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    (I have no other choice because it is not returnable. :p)
  2. Yes, you should. You should be a responsible, informed consumer; we all should be.

    I'm sorry that you are not satisfied with Gilt and their pricing policies, but we as consumers have the choice to buy or not buy.
  3. I'm not sure how not that makes me irresponsible? Also, suggestions to the effect of not shopping there or the choice to buy or not buy are not constructive at all. Those points are obvious and overlook the fact that there are consumer protections out there. They have been installed for a reason.
  4. How is it not constructive? You have the choice to shop with Gilt or not shop with Gilt. If you choose not to, then you won't be subject to what you feel is the misrepresentation and pricing of their items.

    Consumer protection is not around so that the masses can blindly purchase whatever from whomever without so much as product/pricing knowledge. Example: Let's say I want to buy a flat screen. Store X sells said flat screen for $2k and guarantees rock bottom pricing. Store Y sells the same TV for $1500. I don't research or comparison shop and purchase from Store X. Then, I see an ad for Store Y and notice that I have overpaid by $500. Do I call in the FTC? No. It's my fault for not having researched.

    I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with Gilt; however, I just don't see the point in being angry about their pricing.
  5. OP, i know how you feel. the same thing happened to me with their La Perla sale. not only did they describe the items incorrectly (said it was La Perla, but they were really La Perla's more affordable line), but they sold them for prices above the retail prices on Bloomies.
  6. i have have yet to make a purchase from gilt because a lot of times i find the stores itself (like right now burberry prorsum) goes on sale its a LOT cheaper then gilt. so i don't really understand the concept except, for those who are too busy to catch the sale at the right time, or do not have access to those brands for the most part, because it isn't everywhere and online doesn't always carry it.

    i am always amazed by how fast they sell some of the stuff out, but it must be returned later or something because then i see it again sometimes, when they do the 'last chance' thing.

    i much prefer yoox, theoutnet, or any of the other alternatives (can't think right now) that TPF has advertising (or is it just because i frequent those places its up there?) and some of the not so known sites..i'm sure they'll blow up eventually causing me to hope for some other online retailers to pop up..

    but yeah, this is not a big surprise to me, but i'm a bit of a cynic and have worked retail so i sort of know how this game goes.

    i am sure there are other people who aren't as aware, that would appreciate this OP.
  7. Its not constructive because the advice is so obvious and quite frankly a bit rude. Sometimes it takes instances like this to determine that you will no longer do business with a retailer. That is usually how lessons are learned. Additionally, you are totally missing the point. If Store X holds themselves out to have discount prices and Store Y does not, but the same product is sold at both stores for the retail price, Store X is misrepresenting themselves. That's the point. It's not a matter of "blindly" buying things. When a retailer holds themselves out as one thing, it is completely reasonable for a consumer to rely on that. Furthermore, the FTC would have nothing to do with it and it would be something a state's Attorney General would be interested in.

    I totally disagree with your assessment and have every right to be angry with their pricing. I am sure this information is helpful to others, if not you.

  8. Thank you ladies! I appreciate your feedback. :smile:
  9. I've only purchased a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress from Gilt because it was an item from a past season that I wouldn't have been able to get anywheres else. That's a shame you weren't able to get much of a deal on the jewelry, but reading your experience is going to have me make sure to check prices before I buy from them again.
  10. You have every right to my opinion, as do I; however, there's really no need to be angry and offended when someone doesn't agree with you.
  11. :confused1::wtf:

    I am certainly open to the opinion of others, just when it isn't presented in a rude and insulting manner.
  12. ^^ It wasn't rude or insulting. You took it that way, and it's really too bad that you seem to automatically interpret things in the most negative fashion. You completely mistook what I was saying.
  13. ^ ITA. Sometimes when people ask questions, they only want to hear one thing: every opinion that agrees with them...
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  15. ditto!!!!!

    the consumer is responsible for knowing whether or not she's getting a good deal.

    The retailer is responsible for making as much $$$ as they can.