Gilt Groupe Prices Are Not Always Sale Prices

  1. I am very frustrated with Gilt Groupe for various reasons, but this one takes the cake. I bought a House of Harlow ring a few days ago for what I believed to be a sale price. There is hardly time to do any research before pruchasing as there is always such a frenzy and things get snapped up fast. As a result, I naively believe that I am getting some sort of sale price or at least less than retail.

    Well, because some other pieces that I was eyeing were sold out, I did a little search yesterday only to find that the exact ring that I had purchased a few days back retails for the exact same price that I paid. To add insult to injury, the ring was on sale at and was ~25.$00 less. I couldnt' believe it! I felt duped!! Not to mention the ring I bought was final sale, no returns!

    I contacted GG CS for a price match and they basically told me, too bad. They don't guarantee that their prices are the lowest and they will not price match. "Have a nice day."

    AAARRGG, that's not my point. GG touts itself as a "sale" website, therefore you expect to be paying sale prices, NOT RETAIL! BS! I feel like they should have tried to do something. Is this their scam on some items? Has anybody else experienced this? Would anyone else be as annoyed as me? I need some feedback. Thanks! :rant::mad::rant::mad::rant::mad:
  2. this is why you have to be an informed consumer. I know most of the time we get caught up in the buying frenzy and don't realize until later, that Gilt purchases really aren't deals at all.

    It's considered a sale to Gilt, so they stand by their business practice. Can't be mad at them though...
  3. I don't agree. If you represent yourself as a "sale" website, you should have sales. Otherwise it is misrepresentation.
  4. Sorry this happened to you!

    I don't like Gilt either, even though I've never bought anything from them. I just find their site has "lots of fine prints" and the way they say things is off-putting, especially when you promote yourself as a company selling discounted goods.

    Their front page says "fashion and luxury brands at upto 70% off retail" is very misleading... I dunno if this counts as false advertisement, but I think the "fine print" stuff should be written on the same page (or very nearby) if you're going to sell things at retail price or no discount at all.
  5. this is Gilt's take on 'retail'

    10. How is the Retail Value determined?
    The Retail Value is determined by either a comparison-shopped price, or by a price that Gilt Groupe believes the same or a comparable product would go for at department stores or other retailers using a standard markup for that product category. The Retail Value does not necessarily represent the prevailing retail price in every community.

    there was an article sometime back about issues customers had with their pricing. I;ll find it and post.
  6. Where did you find that DC-Cutie? That is interesting. They are not on the same playing field as Bloomies and NM and I don't believe their prices should reflect the same. At least with Bloomies and NM you get actual sale prices.
  7. I have talked to Gilt CS before about the prices before and have been told that the retail value is given to them by the manufacturer. I have bought quite a few things from Gilt, but I'll put something in my basket and then get on the internet and see if I can confirm that the sales price is a good deal. If I can't then I have to make a decision whether I really want the item or not.

    I know that there was a thread here on tpf about this issue.
  8. Thanks! I did a search before I posted and didn't see that one.

    In that instance, the buyer still got a discount. In my instance, I paid retail. Had I known, I would have bought it at for the sale price and would have had the luxury of returning it if I didn't like it. Oh well, live and learn. After calling CS I got discounted shipping. Wahoo...(note the sarcasm).;)
  9. I also am frustrated with gilt. I now shop on The Outnet instead. Their prices are better and you can return items for a refund.
  10. It's from Gilt's FAQ:
  11. They all (gilt, rue-la-la, beyond the rack) exagerate the prices. They did say that the House of Harlow stuff would be regular price tho on the site before they opened the sale. But I kind of agree as this is the first time I have seen them do that.
  12. Yup i realized that too after a little bit research. Sometimes the same stuff are sold in department stores' sales section or the designers' official sites for less!
  13. I remember the HOH1960 sale...they had the Gilt prices, with the retail prices lined out. But they were the same number.

    I think it was intended to be an intro to HOH1960's spring line, and not like their usual "sample" sales.
  14. Their CS agent claimed they had a disclaimer that the prices were not discounted so I asked the CS rep to send me a screen shot of that. After five minutes on hold she came back to tell me that she was mistaken and there was no disclaimer.