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  1. Hello :yahoo:

    any one try to buy from ??

    i registerd there and i like the website

    but i dont know how trust worthy it is
  2. It's reputable! I got a nice Alexander Wang tank from there!
  3. thanks wildcherry for the quick replay !!

    soo it take long time to ship the item ?
  4. I love gilt. They have great customer service. Shipping rates are pretty high if you ask me though (I've paid $9.95 for a ring, come on!). And shipping can take a while...but they are usually right in their estimated range. I haven't bought clothing on there...only jewelry and the only piece of advice I can give is research your purchases and really look closely. Sometimes something will look like it is tourquoise and it will really be a colored resin, for example. So basically what I mean is that sometimes the quality isn't quite what it looks like in the picture. I definitely much prefer Gilt over Hautelook though.
  5. Shipping was ok for me, I don't remember how long it took!
  6. I bought a pair of earrings from them recently, they arrived within 4-5 days.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.