Gilt-Final Sale

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  1. Anyone having problems with the site today? I was logged in a quarter to 9 (west coast) and now the site is down?????
  2. I can get on the login page, but after that, nothing!

  3. This is so lame I can't get into any of the brands
  4. annoying! I have never had problems with Gilt before.... :tdown:
  5. the site is down
  6. It's really annoying. By the time I was able to get a page to load, the item was sold out! Totally lame. Actually, this is the 2nd time this week this has happened.
  7. nope not workinggggg
  8. It's lagging SO BAD! Is this normal for gilt?
  9. Same for's so frustrating since I want things but they're always sold out! Is it even worth it?!! :sad:
  10. I did get in, but I hate that you have to go into each designer to see what's available (instead of searching by size) and most of the items I click on, the image is not available.
  11. just had four things in my bag that i lost because the internet keeps erroring. this is completely unacceptable- they know their site gets heavy traffic during these sales, they need to adjust their server to hold it. i haven't shopped with gilt before, but this is not a good first impression.
  12. they stink! i just lost the stuff in my cart too. aargh.
  13. Ugh! Gilt needs to get it together! Their site has never lagged like this before!

    Hopefully it will be just a one time occurance...but did it have to happen when they're having their final sale??
  14. The website is back up!
  15. back down
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.