Gilt Final Sale Accessories

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  1. Gilt has the whitewash/sage elisha and silver mirror MAM for $111. Got the Elisha after manic refreshing. . .
  2. lucky girl!
  3. Debated the mirror MAM. Didn't want to lose the Elisha waiting for someone to pass up on a reflecty bag though.
  4. Congrats!
  5. Juliel, you must of had super fast reflexes along with a really fast internet connection! Congratss =)
  6. Go lightning Julie! Gawd, I remembered at 1:00 and everything was gone! Shoulda set an alarm. :wtf:
  7. So what was available? I signed on at 1:30 and the page was blank :shrugs:
  8. When I first got in my computer said 11:59. Both items were already taken in someone else's basket. I tried for about 15 minutes on the Silver MAM and then gave up. A nice deal on it.

    irchiq, there were only two bags. The Silver Mirror MAM and an Elisha in Sage/Whitewash (I think).
  9. I actually didn't see the email until about 12:05 and remembered how slow it had been yesterday for the clothing sale (it seems like I never get reminders ahead of time anymore). Everything was wait list by then, but my cubemate said to just keep trying for about ten minutes and she was right. Thank god for the work Internet - my home connection would have been way too slow!
  10. juliel - please post a pic when you get it. I didn't even get a chance to see it on Gilt. Took my daughter to gymnastics and missed it the "sale".
  11. I purposely ate out with my mom so I wouldn't be suckered into another sale....but I'm glad I didn't miss much...
  12. Wow..I'm a little bit disappointed. I wish there would've been more of a selection to ooh and ahh over. I mean, my wallet's happy and all, but drooling over a few bags for a few minutes wouldn't have killed me. It's kinda fun sometimes, feeling that rush of adrenaline, I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. You stare at the beautiful picture on your screen, and inch closer to the edge, only to reel yourself back in, mere nanoseconds before your finger clicks that button. "Should I get it? I shouldn't get it! Should I? No! But it's so pretty, and WHAT A STEAL!!!"
  13. ^^everyone should feel like that! drugs would become non-existent! sometimes, I feel my heart-rate just spiking up and going crazy...too much time pressure for me!LOL
  14. Here are the pics of my Elisha. I hadn't seen whitewash up close and personal yet; I'm pleasantly surprised it's not super white so it will not show dirt so easily, and it's a bit glazed which should also help prevent staining.

    I think it's going to grow on me. The fact that my laptop will fit in the bag is a great start!

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  15. Beautiful bag! love it