Gilt Demin Sale

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  1. Hey the denim sale is going on right now on Gilt. Has anyone had a bad experience with them?
    Im interested in some Rich and Skinny jeans and I want to know before I buy one. Also does anyone have any codes?
  2. No codes, but they are one of my favorite sites. They ship quick, their prices are great, just an all-around great site. I've already place 3 orders with them, and today just picked up a pair of the Wise Wide Leg jeans for $68!
  3. Just placed an order for some habitual jeans..i wanted some m2 jewelry but it sold out
  4. gilt is fantastic. i ordered a marc jacobs scarf for my mom for christmas and it shipped quickly and the product was in perfect condition.
  5. i have never heard of it but sounds like you guys are hooked so i tried to check out the website but it says you have to be invited? is there a membership fee also? invite me please!? =D