Gilt - Accessories Final Sale

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  1. I got the Cole Haan ALETA PATENT FLAT in dark chocolate :yahoo:...I'm so into flats right now especially after reading and seeing the French Voguettes during the Paris Fashion week wearing all these pretty flats..also Andre Leon Talley had blogged about flats in his Vogue Daily Post here:
  2. I only got a black Gryson Lola... All the good ones are gone in seconds... CRAZY!
  3. Man...everything's pretty much sold out!

  4. The Lola is pretty! The Lambertson is pretty plain looking, but I figured for the price ($198 before tax and shipping), it was worth it. Prob will save it for my sisters xmas gift.
  5. I got a lamb large hobo for $198, too cute!

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  6. Everything is gone! :crybaby:
  7. I also scored a Lambertson Truex in black!!! Crazy savings--this my first LT, it looks like a pretty classic bag.
  8. Great prices, but went CRAZY faST!
  9. got a pair of gold flats from oscar!

    hope they ship soon
  10. I tried really hard to get three grysons (the hannah, the tutu and the sydney) and wound up with the sydney. everything went like lightening!
  11. I got a Gryson Lola in Magenta (I actually had ordered the same bag 2x higher at somewhere else to arrive today- I'm going to refuse that shipment) and Bill Blass Sutton bag. I really wanted Gryson Tutu but it was sold out instantly.
  12. Gilt had some great stuff at this sale. Unfortunately, it was pretty much gone when I logged on at 12:45! Congrats to those who scored!

  13. Yes! Congrats on the black. I was hoping for black or the camel color, but both remained in other's carts. So I grabbed the brown before the timer expired!
  14. Queston - did anyone get an order confirmation emailed to them? First time ordering and a little nervous