Gilt Accessories Final Sale

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  1. The site seems to be up and running! Check out the sale -- I grabbed Delman flats for $60 and a Gusto Prato in white for $118!
  2. i just purchased the gryson olivia black for 78 shipped! :yahoo:
  3. just got the gryson oliva in dark military, also $78 with shipping. amazing!
  4. I am on a ban, else would have really got the Gryson Olivia. Enjoy your buys!!!
  5. I just scored the Gryson olivia in the Navy also but I had a 25$ credit from Store Adore that had just been sitting there since last year and it took it down to only 53:yahoo::nuts:!! Thanks so much for posting as I never would have know otherwise.:heart::heart:
  6. I always wanted a Large Setela - grabbed it in gold!
  7. RM Elisha in sage/whitewash!
  8. I got an Olivia in Navy too... but i paid tax... so it was 83.70. How did you guys pay only 78??
  9. Spark~ You have to pay tax if you live in the same state that the business resides in, HTH:smile:
  10. Ugh, had a Gustto cala in arctic in my bag, and an Olivia in military (olive greenish), but then the site went down and wouldn't let me check out... and OF COURSE both are gone now. :cursing:

    Oh well, at least I snagged a Hogan Dune yesterday from the sale adoptastray posted.