Gilroy=awesome, also i want an Ergo

  1. hi all! i've been gone the past few days, but i bought some fun new things and decided i want a black sig medium ergo. i'll do a search for pictures, but if you have one feel free to post pictures to this thread!

    anyway, i bought a scarf print swingpack that i've wanted (last season i think?) and my mouth dropped to the floor when i saw that they had the GOLDFISH KEYFOB!!! i am so happy.

    I'm still out of town so i'll post pictures when i get back!

    how is everyone doing? I've missed you guys!

  2. What color scarfprint? *if you tell me it's pink/brown, I'll cry* And I'm glad you got the goldfish. I can't wait to go back to my old outlet next week. I'm jonesing for an outlet trip. :smile: I've driven past Gilroy on my way up to Clear Lake but never knew they had an outlet.
  3. i love gilroy too!!!!!