Gilmore girls

  1. I absolutely love Gilmore Girls and I was wondering how many other fans of the show are here. What do you all think will happen this coming season? Will Luke and Lorelai stay together? What about Rory and Logan?

    I personally think that once again Christopher is going to get in the way of L&L. Sometimes I even think he and Lorelai should end up together. She and Luke had so much more chemistry before they got together.

    Can't wait for the premiere of the season at the end of September :wlae: :wlae:
  2. Absolutely love the show! Last season I watched for Rory / Logan. Love them as a couple. Lorelai on the other hand....secondary right now. Got upset with the whole 'Luke has a daughter thing'. Would of like it to be more sweet without that. And, whats with the 'stay away from my new daughter' tired.
  3. Me Me Me!!! I love Gilmore Girls.

    I was not a fan of Luke last season. He treated Lorelai like :censor:. I may be the only one, but I actually like Chris. He and Lorelai have a lot of chemistry together. I have to admit I wasn't his fan in the earlier seasons, but I actually liked him last season.

    I cannot wait for the season premiere too!!!
  4. I :heart: Gilmore Girls, one of my favorite shows. I really hope Luke & Loreli stay together. I think Rory will have a new love interest in her life since Logan is away in London causing a love triangle just my prediction. I can't wait for the season premiere.
  5. Oooh, I love Gilmore Girls too! I think the Chris/Luke/Lorelai thing will be a continuous problem, and I agree with you guys too, the Luke and Lorelai chemistry just isn't there. And I'm really hoping that Logan's out of the picture soon. He's just so spoiled rich kid, always drinking and doing whatever he wants, and I can't see Rory ending up with someone like that. But I admit that I like Logan way more than Dean.
  6. I love Gilmore Girls! Sad that this might be their last year only because the two leads have yet to decide whether or not they will extend their contracts (and from reading some of their comments, it looks like they are ready to move on).

    I am also not a huge fan or Rory and Logan. She seems SO much better than that. I feel like since knowing him, she's gotten more irresponsible and slightly annoying. I particularly did not like the conflict between Lorelai and Rory - just seems so out of character for the both of them. I know conflicts happen in reality, but the strongest point of the show, for me, is the relationship between Lorelai and Rory.
  7. I'm a fan, too! I have a feeling this will be the last season, and since it'll have different producers/head writers, I'm a little nervous about how it'll turn out. That said, I agree that Luke and Lorelai don't have anywhere near the chemistry and "cuteness" they had before they got together, I really want her to kick him to the curb. I've always liked Christopher and he seems to have grown up a lot. I also think I'm alone in liking Logan from the beginning. He may be a bit immature, and kind of a snob, but his heart seems pretty true.
    Can't wait for the next set of DVDs to come out!
  8. love gg!!! its so funny! i'm not a luke fan, so i wish lorelai and christopher would get together already. i like logan too, think i have a crush on him. maybe it was the pink birkin that won me over.
  9. I love Gilmore Girls!! According to all the rumors IRL Lorelei and Luke hate each other. They don't get along offset, and they're the ones that requested that Luke and Lorelei not be together anymore:crybaby:If you read any of the E Online gossip columns, there are numerous references to this.
  10. I love Gilmore girls.. gosh, I hope that the show lasts longer than the one season coming up... wish Lorelei will just be with Christopher.... they look much better than L and Luke... btwm when will the new season start? anyone know? thanks.
  11. Should start at the end of september. The DVD set is supposed to come out around the 19th i think, and they time them to coincide with the start of the new season.
    Oh, and that Birkin was definitely a plus on the Logan side!
  12. It's supposed to start September 26th on the new CW network.
  13. I love love love Gilmore Girls. I have bought all the dvds and I watch on ABC Family Monday-Friday. I hope that Luke and Lorelai get back together because I like them together. I'm not a Chris fan. However, I like Rory and Logan together.
  14. I LOVE gilmore girls, so sad of the way Luke turned out last reason. Lets see what happeneds I like Logan for Rory. How I wish it was late September.
  15. I love Gilmore Girls!!! It's my absolute favorite show! I have always rooted for L/L, so I was not happy with how things turned out last season. I really, truly hope they get married before the show ends...
    As far as what happens this season, well let's just say that I have zero patience and find myself looking at the spoilers often! ;)