Gilmore Girls - Lorelei's black bag

  1. I could swear on last night's episode she was toting around a black Spy Hobo. Am I nuts?
  2. I saw it too, she definitely had a spy hobo but I thought it was brown ...
  3. I was in and out of watching ......i mus of been really sleepy i missed that
  4. Heavensent I am stunned by those gorgeous heels!!!
  5. I love Gilmore Girls!!! I didn't even notice Lorelei's bag, I was so tired. I Tivo-ed it, however, so I will have to go back and check it out.
  6. I love GG as well, but didn't notice the bag...was on the pf at the same time!
  7. I'm fairly certain that it was a dark brown Spy hobo.
  8. Gilmore Girls is my absolute favorite show. I think it was last season that she was carrying around that MJ multipocket in black. However, i didn't even notice her bag last night.
  9. Oh man, Gilmore Girls is one of my favs too. This is random, but this season Logan gave Rory a Hermes Birkin bag in one episode and it's been popping up in episodes ever since. Anyone know (or wanna guess) if it's a real Birkin? It was bright pink and either ostrich or croc...trying to find a picture...I've been wondering ever since I saw the bag...
  10. I can't believe I didn't even notice her bag! I'm always looking at bags!
  11. i love Lorelei's style on the show. I like to check out to see her outfits too.
  12. yea, i kept staring trying to get a better view of the fendi...i think its definately a hobo..:smile:
  13. I think it was real. Stylists have connections.
  14. I am also sick in that I noticed her bag and immediately thought it was a Spy hobo, but then I was pretty sure it wasn't. First, I'm fairly certain it was dark brown, not black - then, it looked like there was something hanging on the front of it and the Spy hobo just has the zipper at the top and a clean front. (She refused to stand still or turn around long enough so you could get a good look at it.)

    So then I figured it was just something that looked like the Spy hobo........ (and THEN I decided that I probably need a new hobby other than analyzing bags on tv - the fact that she wore her black multipocket in every episode was actually starting to bug me.:nuts:)

    P.S. I think it was a real Birkin - pink ostrich and all.........
  15. I love Gilmore Girls, i didn't know that a lot of ladies love it too. hehehe... I missed the first half of the show. I was kinda confused at the end, does anyone know why Rory and Logan are back together. Or did they ever break up?