Gillian Anderson.......

  1. She's pregnant. The father is businessman Mark Griffiths. She will give birth to her second child at the end of the year. She has an 11-year-old daughter, Piper, with ex-husband Clyde Kotz, a production designer. She and her second husband, documentary filmmaker Julian Ozanne, separated in April after 16 months of marriage.

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  2. She was incredible in Bleak House on PBS. She got nominated for an Emmy so I hope she wins.
  3. Thanks for the 'baby' news. I had not yet heard that. I think she is a very good actress. I always liked her on the X-Files.
  4. Odd question:
    Didnt she show up in some porn/fetish videos a long time ago - before her career started on X-Files?

    Thats all I think of everytime I see her....:rolleyes:
  5. There is a porn actress who looks a little (ok quite a bit) like her; and during the peak of x-files that porn actress used the resemblance to her advantage.

    Gillian was topless in her first indie film...but def not pornographic :smile:
  6. ^^^Ah thanks for clearing that up!!! I feel much better about her now!
  7. i love her.. i think she's a great actress
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