gilded brooke question

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  1. do you think the gilded brooke is an everyday bag? or is it too delicate? tia
  2. I had seen the pics of the gilded brooke on and thought that it was a bag that would need to be babied. But I saw it irl at the outlet and was suprised. It appears to be very durable thick leathered bag...not at all what I was expecting. I really liked the dark brown. HTH

    I see that giagnm just bought one...maybe she will comment. :smile:
  3. I don't have one, but saw them at my outlet. It didn't seem like a delicate bag. I think it would be fine for everyday use.
  4. i just bought one up at the barstow outlet. i love it!! i have the parchment. it's nice thick leather and not heavy at all. i have a one year old so it's def a risky bag. my son rubbed his one finger with some ketchup on it yesterday and it rubbed right off with no stain at all.
  5. i have one in the grey and love it. i've only had mine for about a month, but i was told from the fp store that it's a special bag and to be careful so that the metallic doesn't rub off.
  6. it's not delicate at all!!! just like other brooke. don't worry!
  7. I certainly will:smile:. I was surprised at how sturdy this bag is, much more so than the regular leather Brookes. The leather is so much thicker and slouches nicely. It reminds me of the Madison leather. I got the large mahogany (dark brown) one and have been using it as an everyday bag. I saw the regular size ones at the outlet and asked the SA if they had a large and she went and found one in the stock room, I just about skipped out of the store:yahoo:! The metallic is not overwhelming so I'm not worried about it rubbing off. I highly recommend this bag. As for the other two colors, I might be concerned about color transfer so I would not wear dark jeans with those bags. If I had the extra funds, I would get those colors too!