Gilded Brooke comfortable?

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  1. For those of you who have the gilded brooke; is it comfortable on the shoulder with the chain shoulder strap?
  2. I had this bag but I had to return because the chain shoulder strap dug in my shoulder. It is a gorgeous bag though but I couldn't use it everyday.
  3. Nope, that chain is a pain! With this bag you'll be wearing it for the looks not comfort...
  4. I have the large mahogany one and have had no problems with the strap. This is one of the more comfortable bags that I own.
  5. i was just going to say i have no problem. i think it depends what your used to. i carry alot of stuff so mine is bound to be heavier and it doesn't bother me at all
  6. The chain strap is why i didn't give the gilded brooke a second look when shopping. My mom has the inlaid brooke in brown (a chain stap too), and she had to have a custom shoulder strap made because the chain was digging into her shoulder.
  7. i've had no problems with the strap being uncomfortable. it's a beautiful bag too! the only thing is if you put lots of stuff in it, it can get a bit heavy. hope that helps.
  8. yup i am more concerned/worried about the weight of the bag not the shoulder.
    Brooke itself is a heavy bag.
    Glided brooke is even heavier.

    BUT I love the bag!! It is a beautiful bag!!