Gigi--Whiskey or black?

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  1. I finally bought the gigi last week in whiskey, but I'm having second thoughts. I love the Whiskey color, but is black more practical (I wish the clay was still around just to avoid this issue). Thoughts?
  2. My choice is black over whisky any day:tup:
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE BLACK LEATHER!!!!! It is just sooooooooo elegant to me! I vote for black!!!:tup:
  4. I think the whiskey leather is amazing. I love the black, too, but the one I saw IRL seemed like the leather was more textured/bubbled than the '06 legacy leather. If the leather had been like my black Ali, it would have been a non-issue, but I really love the whiskey. It's just gorgeous on the Gigi...
  5. Black is my vote!!
  6. Gigi is available in Walnut leather this week. That is the one I am purchasing. It is chocolate Brown Leather, Yummy!
  7. i love the whiskey !!
  8. hhmmmmm I am not a huge fan of the way the whisky can look orangey and scratch up so I guess black.. but that walnut sounds tdf too !!! :yes:
  9. Can you use the PCE discount on the Walnut Gigi?
  10. Gigi is available to order now. I called JAX last week and they are supposed to be ready to ship out any day this week. I was told that I could order it for the PCE so that is what I am going to do today. I will let you know later today if I was able to order it for PCE.
  11. I do think black is more versatile but that bag looks good in whiskey. So...if your collection is lacking in black bags, maybe go exchange it? Do whateva your heart desires. (get both if you cant pick) :p
  12. I just called Jax and the Walnut Gigi will not be available to order until early
    January. I am really sad now as I wanted that bag for the PCE.
  13. black
  14. Thanks for the advice. I think I'm keeping the whiskey (I'm a Coach employee and feel self-conscious about returning stuff). Always best to go with your first instinct right? The walnut is on the Japanese website (if you click on the clay gigi the walnut color shows up). It's complete gorgeous, but since I'm seasonal I think I'm out of luck for that!