Gigi tote or Peony tote

  1. Hey,

    So I managed to get to Nordstrom on Sunday and picked up my Whiskey Gigi tote which was half off. I am really loving it but now I am so torn coz I have been wanting to pick up a Peony tote and wallet which I LOVE. The Gigi tote is great and perfect for work but since I work from home nowadays, I hardly get to use my business suits and bags anymore.

    Am thinking if I should return the Gigi and get the Peony but it was such a great deal though. Hmmmm..............:confused1:
  2. hhmmm I prefer the gigi but for me it is too big... but no matter what the price, you should get the bag you are going to be happy with. :yes: Another thought is if the gigi's are selling well on eBay you could sell it and possibly make a little money to help offset the cost of the other one. :confused1:
  3. Ooohhh good idea fieldinspring! :idea:

    You did did a great deal on that Gigi, you may be able to do pretty well on eBay, I haven't seen too many on there (if any), and that may work in your favor. Oh and it's Whiskey?? SO pretty.....BUT:

    I say get the Peony tote and wallet. Get what you love or you'll regret it always. I think you will so use the Peony more if you are working from home; and besides - that Gigi is just not as fun as the Peony!

    Just my $.02, hope it helped!
  4. Yeah I think you've just summed it up really well; the Peony is more a fun bag while the Gigi is more formal and serious. I wish I could have both but I love the idea of selling it and help to subsidize the Peony. I have seen some Gigi on eBay but they don't seem to be selling. Priced too high?
  5. The peony can be fun if you do have to dress in business will give it something extra. So it can definitely be a versatile bag. I like the peonies!!!!
  6. Is the peony the one with the design?

    If so, I vote Gigi which doesn't have any loud embellishments.

    However, as always go with what you want!
  7. They are priced right now in the high $400 range and I think many people know that you can get them at Nordie's for less than that. Maybe set your starting bid price at what you paid for it, and then at least you get your money back.
  8. are the peony totes still available?
  9. I might be mistaken but I know that the medium size 11388 is sold out for sure. I don't know about the small size 11387 or the big size 11389 though.
  10. ^^
    thanks, that's what i thought :sad:
  11. My vote is for the Gigi...I think it's such a gorgeous and versatile/useful design. The peony is pretty, too, but I just love legacy leather!
  12. You're welcome!
  13. How can they be sold out? Most people don't know about this bag? It hasn't even been released yet? Please tell me I'm right. I really want this bag and my SA told me she would let me know when it would be available to order.
  14. They have been available to order for a while now from JAX and 2 Coach stores in CA and NY. They were gone from JAX rather quickly . And at these 2 stores, with the Nov. PCE, the medium size 11388 is all gone. Sorry!!!:sad:
  15. what store in CA had this bag?