Gigi questions and Gigi vs. Carly

  1. Hi! I need some help. I'm looking for a schoolbag. I thought I was going to buy a large Carly but then I found out that the seller listed it wrong and it wasn't the right color so I'm not buying it afterall :sad: So today, I've been reconsidering and thinking maybe I should look for a Gigi instead. I showed dh and he is ALL FOR Gigi, lol. Here are my questions:

    1. Is Gigi a very heavy bag? Keep in mind, I've been carrying Chelsea Abbey around since Sept. and that bag is insanely heavy. But I will be putting books in here.
    2. Do you think Gigi loses something if she gets a little scratchy? Because I'm thinking that might happen in school and with daily use, but imho I would think she would look good even if she is a little "weathered".
    3. Does Gigi tend to slip off the shoulder easily?
    3. If you had to choose just one for a mature college student, would you recommend large Carly or Gigi? How do they compare in size?

    Thanks for any input girls! :flowers:
  2. I am a plus size woman, and the gigi has large handles, and it tends to slip, and yes it a heavy bag once you put things inside her, I carry a small wristlet, a legacy french wallet, and a makeup bag and a small calandar, and keys and cellphone and yes its heavy. If you don't have something tall inside it folds over and I have it in clay so yes it gets scratchy, and from what i have seen on other colors, it scratches easily. I would think hard about the bag. Go to the store and walk around with it while looking at around at the other bags....But GIGI is better made then the carly, I hear that the Carly frays in certain areas. But if you are looking for a school bag, I would go with GIGI, and pick either the black or the walnut or whiskey..........I hope this helps.
  3. That definitely helps, thank you. Well, do you think that your bag looks good even though it is scratchy? I was thinking of going with Clay actually. Unfrotunately, I cannot try it out since my store doesn't have any Gigi's :sad:
  4. Ok I have both a large leather Carly (in black) and the clay Gigi. I would say the Gigi is better for school because:

    It's more structured. The Carly flops around and is hard to get books into (I've tried).
    The Gigi is taller.
    The Carly stays on my shoulder better, and is a bit lighter, but in my opinion, looks less professional than the Gigi.

    My Clay Gigi is scratched up but it still looks great (IMO). Eventually it will all blend in. Also, my Carly has not frayed one bit, so not sure who is saying that it is. I've had it since August '07 and have used it a lot.

    Hope this helps!
  5. ^^Very helpful, most excellent and thank you! Yes, I think the Gigi looks more professional as well and it is more structured. I really think I'm leaning toward Gigi. My only real concerns are the heaviness of it and if it slips off my shoulder too annoyingly often.
  6. Can I throw two additional options for a schoolbag? The Hamptons Business Tote (holds a ton) and the large Gallery tote.

    If it's strictly between those two I'd take the Gigi. I've got the Whiskey and I'm hard on my bags and it hasn't scratched much at all. Plus it's got lots of pockets.
  7. Thanks so much for all the help girls! I just won a Gigi on eBay so hopefully that will fit the bill. Of course, I still may need a Carly in the future...
  8. I have the large chocolate Carly and while I LOVE this bag, she is WAY TOO BIG for my everyday needs!!!! I am using her as a "travel bag" as my family vacations alot during the year. She came w/ us to Disney a few weeks ago and I used her as my "carry on bag"....what a GREAT bag!!!! I recommend large Carly as your school bag!!!
  9. Love both bags, but it seems like the gigi might serve your purpose a bit better.
  10. Thanks! I actually may still get a Carly eventually, will have to see how the budget plays out. Plus, I'm not really wowed by the colors available right now. I'd love to see one with some sort of pink trim-punch or magenta. Or a pretty green. But I digress~
  11. I'd choose a Gigi, as a very slouchy or unstructured bag like th Carly has never agreed with books for me. I like a slightly more structured bag, and I also think the Gigi is just a little more polished and nice looking. The pockets on the outside would also be very handy when it comes to toting books around, too, so you wouldn't have to actually go inside the bag to get your keys or other small things.

    Goo luck with your eBay Gigi; I hope she is a winner for you!
  12. congrats on the gigi, I think that will look nicer overall and be easier to use.. post pics when it gets there! :tup:
  13. I bought my Gigi on eBay too - which color did you get?
  14. I got it in Clay. I showed dh all three colors and asked him which he liked best. I assumed he'd pick Whiskey but I liked the Clay. He picked Clay right away so I went for that one. I will post pics when I get it :tup:
  15. haha congrats sweetmelissa!
    you beat me out by like $5