Gigi owner's...a quick "?"

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  1. Just got my Gigi (all leather black) a few days ago...LOVE :heart: her!!! I'm wondering though, when I don't have extra's in her like a book or magazine she sort of "fold's" right above the front turnlock pockets. It dosen't bother me but I I need to worry that as this continues it's going to weaken or damage the leather at those points?

    Has anyone who owns all leather Gigi noticed this, and if so have you noticed any damage from the constant folding of the top portion???

    I've got all the Apple good's on order (it can't get here soon enough!) I plan on taking VERY good care of her and ordered the Apple in her honor, but I do plan on making her my "go to" everyday bag so I do plan on getting alot of wear out of her. I'm just concerned that if this continues it's going to start to show!!!

    ****I do switch bags quite often, so when I say she'll be my "go to" bag this means she'll probably be carried approx 3-5 days a week til' the end of winter! She will be cleaned/conditioned and treated with Apple as often as necassary!

    Let me know what you gal's have experienced please!

    TIA a bunch! :tup:
  2. I have had no trouble with my gigis folding over and making a permanent crease. My teal seems to be a thicker leather than my black. But neither of them has a crease. I don't fill to capacity, about half way, and although I have apple, I haven't conditioned my gigi's, which I probably should. I so love the black leather on the gigi's that I don't want to do anything to it. But please keep me informed how it goes after you apply the apple. It is one bag I will never tire of so I want to keep in the best possible condition.
  3. So they don't fold over or they don't make a crease when they do fold over???
  4. Ok, I have gone and got both my gigi's out, my teal stands up on it's own, no folding over even when half full, my black I do have to lean onto a wall if I stand it up to avoid folding. But still not showing permanent creases, it bounces back to shape. But I rotate bags all the time. I rarely wear the same bag 2 days running. Perhaps others who have used it more often might give you better advice. Please keep me informed on how the apple goes on the black legacy leather.
  5. I bought a chameleon and used it inside my bags including the gigi bag. The gigi will stand on each own without folding when I use my chameleon. Try it if it will help on your gigi.
  6. My Gigi folds over when I don't have a lot in it, but I haven't noticed any "damage" to my bag because of this. The leather is so heavy and durable, I can't imagine any longterm damage if it folds over. I'd make sure to stuff it with newspaper or something if I was storing it for any period of time, however.
  7. I have the walnut and nope, no creasing when bag folds over so you don't have to worry. Next to the Apple, you may want to spray a rainguard protectant on it, maybe not a concern for black bags but I had gotten water spots on mine from the rain/snow.

    Congrats on the Gigi, you'll love her.
  8. My Gigi folds over too. What I try to do is "rest" it up against something when its not in use, so it leans back and doesnt just totally fold in half. I put it on doorknobs, too, but my husband yells at me that Im throwing all the doors out of whack with the weight of my bags!!! I see no permanant crease or anything, though. Im using my Gigi all weekend in honor of your new one, and I always Apple it up before using it. Its gorgeous, but also definitely a "work horse" kinda bag, which makes it even better!
  9. My gigi also does the folding thing. When I'm at home, I typically will hang it on the doorknob, but if I'm at work or elsewhere I typcially fold both handles inward to help keep her more filled out/open at the top. This tends to keep it from folding as much. I haven't noticed any damage to the leather from where she folds though.
  10. I'm going to change into my whiskey gigi today. I notice that the whiskey and teal have the thickest leather. I've had almost all the colors of gigi come and go so I was able to compare. I don't like to let mine fold over, if I see it do that I prop it better against something so it's straight again. It doesn't do it often. I don't know if it would cause a crease. I rotate often and store them completely stuffed with tissue in their dustbag laying on their side or back. I think even if it does crease someday in the far future, by then it will be well worn all over and...time for a new bag? hehe
  11. My black Gigi folds over, I don't see any creases on her. When it folds, it's a soft curve rather than a sharp angle that might lead to creasing.
  12. Thanks for all the help gal's! I try my best not to let mine fold over either! I often have a book or magazine in her so that helps! I do plan on spraying her with the Apple stain and rain guard when it arrives. If it works like the scotchguarding of my fabric/signature bags maybe it will stiffen the leather a little!

    Happywife18~ What is a chameleon?????

    I love Gigi soooo much I just want to do right by her! :love:
  13. My Luci has a similar problem, she likes to fold over where the zipper is above the turnlock pocket. I stuff her full and keep her appled up, nothing permanent seen yet!
  14. Mine I think folds less now that the leather has softened a bit(my Gigi's leather feels even dreamier than before!). Also, I notice when I don't use the clasp across the top it has less tendency to fold. I have had mine since the first week of October, and I rotate with a few other bags and haven't noticed any damage. I leather lotioned my bag right away after buying it. I think total wear since October is equal to maybe 2 months?
  15. I have a clay Gigi, and have had no problems with it folding over, she stands pretty well with little in her! I love the one in gray!