Gigi or Luci?

  1. In Walnut?

    I had the Gigi, and returned it, thinking I wanted the Luci instead. Got the Luci yesterday with the card (:tup:) and now I am wondering if I made the right choice. :shame:

    Actually, I was sure that I did...until my son, who was my Shopping Asst. yesterday told me he didn't care for the one I was picking up. (Luci) Why I am letting an 8 yo influence my decision... well, you know. :p
  2. LOL the same thing happens to me with my 10 year old DD! That's tough choice, both of the bags are beautiful. What color did you get?
  3. Walnut

    I know Luci is the bag...Gigi is too tote-ish for me....but why oh why do I let these influences get to me? :shame:

    How wonderful do you all think the Luci is? I guess that is the question I should be asking. :p
  4. I would choose the Luci over the Gigi. I like the shape of the Luci better and I love pockets and Luci has the zippered pocket and the fold-over pocket on the front and the 'slip' pocket on the back. The Gigi also has the 2 front pockets, but for me, the tote style is too deep IMO.
  5. Well I'm definitely a Gigi person over the Luci just because I don't care for the shape of the Luci that much... but they are both nice bags. Don't let ANYONE influence you because you will always have regrets if their choice is different than yours. If you love the Luci, stick with that one!! Go with your gut!!
  6. Great advice! You won't go wrong if you go with your gut.
  7. I would go with the Gigi over the Luci, but the Luci just doesn't "speak to me." If you love the Luci, then stick with it! Congrats on the Luci!
  8. The Luci is one of the hottest bags on the site!....Now the pricem is a different story...hahaha:nuts: But as BG39 said, go with YOUR gut....Take a look at the Miranda too....hehehehe Sorry, had 2 atleast suggest it:confused1:
  9. I vote for luci, I Love that bag!
  10. :tup::yes::tup::yes:

    I agree!
  11. I know....but right now I feel like my gut is confused. :p
  12. Thank you. :flowers:

    The other issue I had about the Gigi was the two pockets in front...were so similar to my two Mandy's that I have. Gosh, I just don't know...I love them both....but won't get both. :s
  13. I love, love, love the antique Walnut leather! Now if Miranda came in that would for sure be an option! :tup:
  14. Thank you for your input! :flowers:
  15. I know it can be very hard to make up your mind! OK, try this...take your Luci to the store, and try both that and the the Gigi. They will let you put all your bag contents in the store model and walk around with it. Also wear what you would typically wear with one of these bags. Walk around a bit and look in the mirror..check both the look and comfort, and ask yourself whether you want practical or are buying just for the look. Sometimes the answer to both of those questions are different, and you should buy on the basis of what you want to accomplish. See which one really "speaks to you", as the other poster said.

    Also the other option would be to buy both and just don't remove the tags...keep both in your closet for a bit until you can think about it enough such that you are no longer confused. That way one won't sell out, and usually I find that a bit of time will work out that confusion. Then you can return the one that you really don't want.