Gigi lover update

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  1. I called the nearest outlet yesterday at Baglady39's recommendation (thank you) and asked about getting on a list for the black or camel Lily. I also asked about the walnut Gigi. She said I can order it from the outlet (in store purchase or something) and the price is listed at $375. :nuts: If you love Gigi and want to get your hands on the great old thick Legacy leather, here is your chance. It is a great deal and I am debating whether I want to go. I love the Gigi, but I already have one and I don't know if I need two. Anyway, I thought I would share.
  2. #2 Aug 20, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2008
    You do need two gigis! I have two, that's why.:P I have the teal and whiskey. The walnut was my first choice back when but I couldn't get it for outlet price back then so I got the whiskey. I grew to love whiskey color more than walnut so now I'm satisfied. I won't be getting the walnut gigi but thanks for the heads up, if anything I would want camel gigi now. I'm a gigi fanatic!
  3. I just called the outlet in Tuscola, IL and they have the teal leather Gigi for $376 and the teal patent one for $400! I want whiskey, but thought I would report in.
  4. So tempting, but I will just have to learn to live with only one Gigi in my life:rolleyes:
  5. I thought you couldn't order an outlet bag at outlet prices???? When I called an outlet recently, they told me I couldn't 'order' a bag period. They will hold a bag w/a credit card, but they won't ship to an address. This would be the only way for me because I don't live near an outlet. Also, I thought if you can order from an outlet, the bag will be sold for retail price: $658. Someone please clarify! I would LOVE to have a Gigi! Can you use your PCE on it?
  6. This came from the 'Coach Shopping' outlet forum:

    Q: Do outlets ship items to me?
    A: Yes, but they will charge you FULL PRICE for it.
  7. Some outlets will ship, it depends on your area.
  8. Do they ship items at full retail price or outlet prices? I guess I need to call my nearest outlets, which would be Texas.
  9. I would like to clarify too because I would LOVE to have a Gigi!
  10. I was told I had to physically come in the store to order it, but then they would give it to me (as a transfer maybe from another outlet?) at the $375 price. Then they would ship it directly to my home. My nearest outlet is about 45 minutes away so I called first to make sure the trip was worth my while.
  11. You are so smart and so right. Yes, I am sure I do need two!! And for that price, how can I turn it down.
  12. When I called an outlet before, they said I had to physically come in to finish the sale no matter if it was a credit-hold, transfer, etc. I'm sad to say, this wouldn't work for me.

    jeh3V, FYI: Gigi can be ordered using this PCE: $493.50. OLD Legacy is not excluded, just the NEW Legacy line.
  13. Why thank you. :blush: I know the Gigi is the epitome of Coach legacy luxury at it's finest, so getting another for outlet price is for SURE a good thing! Go for it! I'm changing my mind about wanting a camel Gigi, though, because the camel color gets color transfer from clothing on to it so I've heard. I think two Gigis are fine for now, I'm not going to collect colors, just enjoy the beautiful ones that I've got.
  14. ^No problem with Camel and colour transfer^ if you use the tape method that BagLady39 suggests. Maybe reconsider getting a 3rd Gigi, eh? ;)

    Take care,
  15. I'm able to get either the Whiskey or Camel Gigi for about $260 (tax included) but I'm holding out for either a black one or a signature one.