Gigi in Walnut?

  1. I thought I read here a few months ago that the Gigi was coming out in Walnut. Does anyone have this info and an ETA?
  2. eh, i've heard a patent gigi was coming out in walnut....does that help?
  3. Patent Gigi o_0
  4. That's even better!
  5. I know!!!! I can't wait for the patent gigi, or the medium lily! :drool:
  6. Well, I caved in today. I decided that I just couldn't hold out any longer (plus I might not still be an employee when they come out, since I'm seasonal). I ended up with Whiskey. It's too beautiful!
  7. The whiskey is beautiful, it's a great choice. Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  8. I want one in Kahki/Black ugh I hated that one before tooo x_______x.