Gigi color question

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  1. Hi,
    I am thinking of getting my mom a GIGI for Christmas and I found one at the outlet with the color of B4 /WL. The first outlet I called said it was Walnut and the second one said it was White. Can anyone clarify for me? Thanks
  2. Hi,

    How much is the GIGI if you don't mind me asking?

  3. Did the GiGi even come in white? I have never seen one.
    I have seen the Sig/denim/Teal/Walnut/Black

    Anyhow, I am almost 100% positive that WL in the Legacy line is Walnut. Anyone know different?
  4. That's a bummer because when I called the outlet back like 10 minutes later they said they didn't have any in stock. Had I known it was walnut I would have had them hold it for me. :crybaby: Oh well I guess I'll look for another style for her.
  5. That has to be Walnut. You're lucky to find it at the outlet, I don't ever see that color at my outlets. The gigis that were off-white with brown trim were never called white, they were called Gardenia, probably the code is GA or GD for them. No such thing as a white gigi.