Gigi Bag In Camel Color?

  1. I was talking to my Coach SA today and she told me that the Gigi bag is available in the Camel Color! Has anyone seen it? What do you think of the camel color overall?
  2. I love camel. I bought the camel shoulder bag a few months ago. I returned it because I wasn't liking the 07 shoulder bag not because of the color. I miss my camel! very pretty!
  3. Wow! I'd love to see that bag in camel. Did she say she it was already available or would be available? I love my whiskey one; the leather is just soo gorgeous!
  4. I placed the order for it so I am waiting for it come in next week. I'll try to post pics if i can figure out how!:p

    I'm wondering if the color will work on such a big bag but I just had to see it in person...
  5. I don't think you could go wrong with Gigi in any color, but my next purchase will be the Gigi in clay, it's a gorgeous bag!
  6. The Gigi is being made in Citron as well. I love the Gigi too!
    What a great Bag! Please post pictures when you receive your bag.