Gigi and Legacy flap on sale at Nordie's

  1. I saw black and whiskey in the flaps - on sale for $325.90 and the whiskey Gigi's were also on the sale table, but couldn't find a price.

  2. Hi, the whiskey and Black leather Gigi's are going for $439 at Norstroms right now.
    Good luck finding one.
  3. Nordie's Chicago had 3 whiskey gigis
  4. saw these yesterday at santa anita in arcadia and they had both black and whiskey gigis. they also had the flaps... didn't seem like anyone was buying....
  5. They have the Whiskey one in the Nordie's in the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ. Saw them at lunch today. They also have the Leigh on sale to but I can not remember the price.
  6. I saw black and whiskey Leigh's for $3something (can't remember) at the Nordstrom in Cerritos, CA, on Saturday. They were getting a little beat up being mauled and thrown around on the sales tables. I kept picking up the whiskey, but to me it is just waaaay too heavy for such a small bag:sad:.
  7. I wonder why they chose these to put on sale... I thought I read somewhere that department store sales are down. Maybe more people prefer to buy Coach at the Coach stores?
  8. heehee I was there on Saturday too! Walked by the sale table, saw the GIGI and Leigh, few other things.....Ended up with a LAMB bag and wallet.:girlsigh:
  9. I think I need to make a special trip to the local Nordies here in Houston....
  10. Oooh, which LAMB did you get?!?! I kept picking them up and putting them down. I still regret not getting the red Candela back in the summer.:crybaby:
  11. I've picked-up and put back these bags for months also - I finally broke down and I got a Mandeville in Cheetah, and yesterday found out that a bunch more went on sale and ordered another tote (YIKES!).

    Check - a bunch of bags were just marked down.

    EDIT: just checked onilne - it's there and on sale!
  12. I found a whisky gig at Nordstroms in Vegas and bought it.