giggity giggity giggity goo!

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  1. [​IMG]

    There not a show on TV that has be cracking up as much as Family Guy. Do you watch it?

    No? Then get to it immediately! :lol:
  2. Vlad, I love Family Guy. They also give it in Cartoon Network, like around 11 or midnight. It is really funny. My brother watches it, he loves it.
  3. Brian and Stewie are my faves. They could have their own show!
  4. i havent seen it
  5. I've seen it a few times but just haven't become hooked yet. I like the cutie trying to take over the world though :lol:
  6. I love Family Guy, I'm glad it's on TV again. Brian the dog is probably my favorite character.
  7. Vlad can NOT get enough of that show! We watched the Family Guy movie about umm... 15 times already! Ha
  8. i watch it 2 times a day :x

    "so like, were you in some kind of accident?"
    "no, me father was a tree."

    HAHAA. :x
  9. i love the movie! plus i have seen all episodes. family guy rocks!

    "now lois, you not speaky til the man speaky to you!"
  10. "Love the gas Megs, LOVE THE GAS"

    Ahhh so many substantial one-liners, it's not even funny!
  11. Vlad, what is that giant head thing in your picture ?

    It's kind of scary, yet strangely cute !

  12. It's part of an icon set that I found online. I'll dig up the url from my mac in a little.
  13. Okay ! :smile:
  14. Stewie does it all for me! ;)