Gifts that makes any girl smile

  1. Lanvin Ballet Flats & leopard print pierre hardy wedges. Absolutely gorgeous. Cannot wait to wear them.
    IMG_0237.jpg pierrehardy013.jpg
  2. Oh congrats! They are adorable! Oh those leopard print are just gorgeous, and to die for!
  3. very nice.
    where did u get the lanvin flats from??
  4. wow, those are super hot shoes... i love it. :yes:
  5. love those lanvin flats!!!

  6. Got them from Barneys.
  7. Love the wedges....drooling!!!
  8. beverly hills??? if so i'm gonna beat them down they were supposed to call me when the new shipment came in

  9. I got them from the new york store.
  10. both really gorgeous:biggrin::heart:
  11. oh okay now i'm calm:graucho:
  12. sorry double post
  13. Both are really hot shoes, I especially love the color of Lanvin flats.
  14. thanks girls....I wore the ballets flats today and they looked so cute....with my skinny jeans...
  15. would you happen to know how the sizing of pierre hardy shoes run??