Gifts Reveal - Admin Professionals Day!

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  1. Next Wednesday is Administrative Professionals Day and I've picked up a few items at the outlet and on FOS for the admins in my life.

    Here are pics of a few gifts for a special individual, along with the drill down images:

    Reversible Tattersall Hat f83158 NAV $39 (MSRP $118)
    Tattersall Automatic Umbrella f62302 SV MC $30 (MSRP $88)
    Navy Liquid Embossed Framed Coin Purse f65657 SV NV $17.36 (MSRP $78)

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  2. I got more of the Emb LQ Framed Coin Purses f65657 for the other admins. I got some on FOS for $17.36 and some at the outlet for $19 (MSRP $78). The colors are:

    Black: SV BK
    Hot Orange: SV C4X
    Cornflower: SV CF
    Navy: SV NV

    I couldn't find a drill down pic for the cornflower purse.

    By the way, in the pics of the Hot Orange Coin Purse, I am wearing the beautiful Tahitian Pearl, White Gold and Diamond ring that my DH gave me for my birthday last month! :biggrin:

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  3. The gifts are so nice of you! But that ring......that ring is stunning!!!!
  4. Thank you! I will have to take picture of all my Tahitian Pearls, he gave me earrings for my birthday last year and a pendant for Christmas last December and then the ring for this birthday! He's a great guy in many ways! :heart:
  5. The setting is so unique, very lovely!
  6. He brought the earrings and pendant with him to the jewelry store and then picked out the pearl and the setting and had them make the ring for me special!

    Here is the entire set, they are not exact matches but they go together very well and I love that (and him!) :love:

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  7. That's beautiful, he must be very thoughtful and has good taste!
  8. You are right on both counts!
  9. Well, you are a very thoughtful employer.

    And you get nice gifts. Tahitian pearls! Great guy, indeed.
  10. Awww, katev, they're beautiful! Sounds like a good man. :smile:
  11. thanks, he is the best!
  12. Those are wonderful gifts!
    Love your ring as well. It's gorgeous!
  13. How thoughtful of you for your admin gifts and the pearls are beautiful.
  14. Thanks much, I hope they like the gifts (and I love my pearl gifts!)
  15. Such cute gifts. I am sure the recipients will adore them.