Gifts from my Baby from FLORIDA! Pics!

  1. so yay! he did end up getting me both. He brought back the sweet monogram earrings and said the amarante bracelet was sold out nationwide...which i was really bummed about cause I am like obsessed with the inclusions now. But was happy with the earrings cause I really wanted them too!

    So the next day a box comes from fedex...and what is it?? the amarante bracelet! I LOVE IT! so cute. I guess it was sold out at the store he went to and that store called around and only found 1 and so he had them charge send it.

    so i got both! which is kinda funny because I had said on an earlier post that I felt greedy, I had hoped he would get me both.

    (he came back a couple days ago but things have been crazy. everything that could go wrong has, ive been having a hard time with my paypal and the day my bf was suppost to come home I smashed my kittens tail in a door and had to bring him to the hospital...i felt awful. And my bf was suppost to come back on the weekend but ended up coming back during the week...ahh its been crazy....okay without further a pics!

  2. Hope everthing's sorted out and your cat's OK.:heart:

    Congrats on the Amarante Inclusion bracelet and earrings! Looks great on you and you have beautiful skin!:tup:
  3. They are both pretty! Congrats!

    Hope your kittys okay!
  4. Beautiful! Hope your cat is doing ok.
  5. Ohh, they are both so pretty. I want those earings!
  6. I didn't like the earrings when I first saw them in the display, but seeing you with them makes me droooool. :drool: The bracelet and earrings both look really cute on you. :tup:
    I think, I have to go and check them out at my store soon. Hope they do look cute on my as well.
  7. congrats, they are pretty.
  8. congrats! wow, they look amazing on you!
  9. Congratz!!!! They look LVoely!!!
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Beautiful!!
  12. Both are so pretty. The earrings look stunning on you.
  13. BEAUTIFUL pieces! They look great on you!
  14. awww thanks everyone. and thanks about the we were on our boat and i just had some shimmer powder on and i was like....ehh....should i post i just took the pic of me that was a side shot and showed the least amount of my face and most amount of earring! lol.

    and cats fine now...after being worried sick. it was terrible...i heard him screaming and i didnt know wasnt the side where the handle was it was the other side so it pinched really tight...he was trying to run away and trying to pull his tail out of the door. i have to bring him back in a few days...we're still not sure if its broken and the x-ray didnt show clearly enough...cause its like the very tip of the inch to the end. and hes only 4 months so...idk...hoping its not broken...hes acting fine and normal now.
  15. gorgeous pieces, congrats.