Gifts for your Hermes SA

  1. I know we already talked about this, but I need input again. My SA has been particularly wonderful to me lately (she's totally understanding and has given me a lot of perks and breaks, too), and I really want to give her and her coworkers something. If I remember correctly, can H SAs get food for presents w/o breaking policy? I was thinking of chocolates or something along those lines, definitely not something extravagant.
  2. I usually find a hand written note covers most thank yous but if you really want to do something extra then chocolates would be nice and is acceptable under H policy :smile:
  3. My SA always bends over backwards for me and is soo nice (esp. compared to other designers i have shopped at) Last time he went above and beyond, i bought some handmade chocolates (enough for the whole team.) He appreciated it and it was welcomed by the whole team, I am known by most the staff there now and haven't spent huge dollars ............... yet.
  4. I would hand write a note as well, but if you really feel you should get her something, I would think chocolates are probably OK without violating policy. Or even flowers, since there are lovely fresh flowers on the selling floor but the back rooms/employee locker and break areas are really quite barren & industrial.
    To be entirely sure, though, you might discreetly inquire about policies with a different SA beforehand.
  5. I would send flowers, chocolates, yummy treats that can be shared by all at work :flowers:
  6. I´m really puzzled as to why in the world they cannot be given just about anything you want to give them? Does someone know the H-explanation?
  7. ^ in case you give gifts in exchange for getting a SO or birkin/Kelly since they are in such demand
  8. I sent over a box of special cookies, individually wrapped ones, that way they would last a long time and could easily be shared....

    Christopher Elbow makes a fun chocolate assortment....
  9. A-ha, that makes sense of course. Thank you NM:tup:
  10. That looks sooo yummy. They would definitely appreciate that!
  11. Do what I did. I asked another SA what my SA would like.
  12. Chocolates for everyone to share
  13. Chocolates are nice, as well as a handwritten thank you card.
    CB, that link to Elbow chocolates is sooo yummy. :smile:
  14. I have done food treats (chocolates or cookies) from Payard or flowers (as well as handwritten notes).