Gifts for Saks SAs allowed?

  1. My Sales Associate at Saks is AMAZING and takes great care of me. I wanted to get her a Hermes scarf for Christmas. Does anyone know if they can accept gifts? I would hate to get it for her, then have it returned.
  2. I'm not sure, but I have given gifts to LV, Barneys, NM, and Gucci SAs.
  3. I'm pretty sure... I've given gifts to my Neiman Marcus SA's. i dont think it's a big deal.
  4. yes..they accept gifts!
  5. They accept gifts. From my friends who work at some high end department stores--none have a policy of no gifts from clients. Alot of them get gifts thru the year. One thing they hate is chocolate--they all say there is a limit to the amount of Godiva a person can eat.....
    A Hermes scarf would be a stunning gift which I would think she will love forever.
  6. Great thread! I was thinking of what to get my Chanel SA for Christmas. I'm kind of "broke" spending wise from all the things I've bought for myself and friends recently, so it'd be something around $20-50. Hmm.. Chocolate would have been a good choice, but from what gillianna said, I guess not!
  7. Thank you -- I am so paranoid about what is allowed and not at my own job that I couldn't guess. Thank you all for the advice!
  8. What about Starbucks, restaurant or movie theater GC? Most ppl would like either. Or a nice bottle of wine w/ a small bag of peppermint bark. I love that stuff and it is not something that ppl normally get= it is festive too!
  9. :yes:My mother worked at Saks for twenty three years (handbags). She's been retired a few years, but I know she used to get gifts from customers.:yes: