Gifts For Renewing of Vows?

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  1. I have a cousin who is renewing his vows with his wife in a few weeks. They will have been married 30 years. I've never been to one of these ceremonies. Could anyone out there tell me what is expected in the way of gifts? Would you buy the couple a gift just like it's their wedding, with similar price points, or is it an occasion where gifts aren't expected and or necessary?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I really don't know the etiquette on this, but if it were me, I would get them a card. I might get them a very small gift if I felt close enough to them.
  3. You could call around to other family members and arrange to expropriate photos and brainpick peoples' recollections of them together at family gatherings or whenever over the years, then get some really good paper, and then arrange the photos and the text of the various memories, quotes, and your own captions, then look for one of those scrapbooking albums in a coffee-table book size and shape, and put everything together, choose your favorite pic of them for the front cover, and do a title that says: Hername & Hisname: The First Thirty Years, and do it all very simple and elegant, cover your album in a nice moire silk, maybe a pale silver-gray or powder blue, and do the title and all the quotes and captions in very Old School Elegant style font, etc, or if they are funny people, and most of your quotes and recollections and at least some of the photos are funny, and/or you are good at doing captions that will be funny for even the most boring pics, put all the stuff together and do the cover like a supermarket tabloid and with stupid headlines like
    Hername & Hisname: Does Their Love Have A Chance? Vegas Oddsmaker Says No Way

    The Shocking Pics Hisname and Hername NEVER Meant For You To See

    Hername & Hisname: Are Those Alien Abduction Rumors True?

    Why The HerHername & Hisname Diet Craze Scares Doctors

    Hername Without Makeup! Burn The Film! Hisname Begged Heartless Paps

    you get the idea. It wouldn't cost much in money, but it would take some time, if you don't have much of that, you could go in with another family member who does...
  4. TY GirlFriday. I'll definitely get them a card. I'm sure it will have to be a plain-old anniversary card though.

    TY Shimma, you must really know my relatives! LOL. They love making scrapbooks from pictures, digital slideshows, etc--anything to do with old pictures and making up clever captions. It's always a lot of fun for me if I don't see my own pictures in there somewhere...
  5. In my experience this is not an event that warrants a gift. In most cases, couples will include a note like "your presence is gift enough" but if something like that isn't included on the invitation, I would call your relatives to see what others are bringing.

    IMHO, though, a card is plenty.
  6. ^^^TY ahertz.