Gifts for my bridesmaids....

  1. I went to the Coach outlet store in Grove City PA and happened to find black wristlets on sale so I bought 5 of them and I plan on giving them to my bridesmaids as part of their gift. Plus they match the dresses for the wedding and I figured it would be nicer to have than some beaded purse that they would never use again. I am hoping they all love the gift! What do you guys think?
  2. I think they'll love it. They'll use it for longer than the wedding and remember you each time they use it.
  3. Awww, how nice! I'm sure they'll love them.
  4. I know I am a coach fanatic....I hope they share my excitement!!!!
  5. aww...that is a wonderful & tasteful idea. I think they will love it!!
  6. That's a fabulous gift for your bridesmaids! I'm sure they'll love it :heart: Btw - when are you getting married??
  7. My wedding is October 28th of this year! Its getting close.
  8. I;m sure they'll love it!
  9. I will have to post some pics of my small but growing coach collection + the pics of the bridesmaids and their matching wristlets!
  10. It is a lovely idea! So often brides will purchase something that will not be used again (i.e. beaded purse - some women just never will use it)
    The coach wristlet is a great gift. Can I be a bridesmaid???? j/k:lol:
  11. Thats so sweet, I'm sure theyll love it! Shoot, I know I would! Congratulations on the wedding as well :heart:3
  12. Well I am glad to see that everyone thinks it's a good I said if I was a bridesmaid and someone said would u rather have a coach purse or a beaded purse, I wouldnt have to think twice. I am so excited now to give them their gifts! And I got them on sale for $31.20 each. The original prices was $48 so I am very happy. Will post pics after wedding!!!!!! Thanks for all the nice comments!
  13. That's a fantastic idea! They would definitely appreciate it! I like that better than some stuff I've received!
  14. I love that idea!!! I'll have to put it to use someday if I'm lucky enough to get married. Congratulations, btw!! This must be a very exciting time for you. :smile:
  15. Fabulous idea!!!
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