Gifts for a bride

  1. I am clueless on this but does LV have suitable gifts that a bride would like or find practical?
  2. A picture/photo holder is the first thing that comes to mind.

    Here is a pic of it in mono (but they also come in MC):
  3. can you be more specific? LV has everything from RTW to bags to shoes to scarves...etc....

    If you're getting her a gift that's meant to be used ON her wedding day, then I'd suggest a SHAWL (white or beige or champagne).
    If it's for lifetime usage, I'd get her a piece of luggage like the Pegases (keepalls on the lower end) so that she can drag it with her on her honeymoon
    If it's for everyday use, get her a bag like Saleya in Azur (kinda goes with the wedding whiteness theme lol)...
    You can also get her jewelery..... but perhaps that's not a good idea cuz her hubby might be jealous :sweatdrop: but you can reverse his jealousy by buying her a nice pair of KILLER HEELS (that she can wear to bed on her honeymoon :graucho:)!!!!!

    yup..... lotsa choices.......and I vote for the shoes :biggrin:
  4. I think it would be lovely to get her a keepall and heatstamp the luggage tag with her new married initials.
  5. What about Jewelry?
  6. what about the cute regular batignolles? she can use it for running errands for her newly wed relationship!
  7. Are you a groom or a friend?
  8. A keepall 45 would be lovely.
  9. That would be a great gift.
  10. I really like the photo holder. It's really useful..either that or maybe an agenda of some kind.
  11. I think an agenda would be great too!
  12. lmao on the shoes. :roflmfao: I think her hubby would def like those. I know my DH would have, lol!
  13. They wouldn't be on her feet that long then, right? :graucho:
  14. The MC Aumoniere Clutch would be lovely.