Gifts cards at Dept. store makeup counters??

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  1. Anyone know what the rules are? Can I use a GC for the store at the makeup counter? I have a GC for Macy's and I'd like to buy some makeup with it.
  2. Yes you can. My bf gave me a gc from nordies. At the time he thought he bought one exclusively for mac, but when you buy a dept store gc it works anywhere in the store. ;)

    I did use it towards my MAC HK though! lol.
  3. ^^thanks sooo much! Yay!
  4. You can use a dept. store gc for anything in the store except to pay your cc bill.
  5. Is it out already, or did you preorder??
  6. yay! i have a dillards card that I would like to pick up some more mac with !

  7. I pre-ordered. :tup: