Gifts $50 and under? Is it possible?

  1. What do you get someone in this price range?! I feel like I go to a store and look at a gift and sometimes it just looks so dinky for $50.

    I'm specifically thinking for a 20-something female. But seriously, when it comes to anyone I'm always at a loss when I'm in this price range. But I don't always want to spend a lot on people's gifts! I think there have to be some options in the $50 area that look decent and not cheap, right?

    Help please!

    (Btw, I've done a whole range of things for this person previously... shirts, books, gift certificates (stores, spa, restaurants), scarves & gloves (hanukah time obviously for that one!), little coach accessories... like I said, I'm at a loss for something new to give this girl!)
  2. I love to go to sephora or and get some of the little gift sets. They have plenty under 50 bucks.
  3. ^^i agree.

    You could get her a compact mirror and engraved with her initials from Things Remembered.

    A nice pajama and houseshoes set from VS.
  4. what does this grrl like?

    I think every ones suggestions have been good!!!

    But don't foget a well written card with insight of how and why you value this person is a gift in itself or a great accompaniment to a gift.
  5. You can get really pretty stationary. Or Hanky Panky brand underwear- you could give a few colors of those in a beautiful box....
  6. a nice scarf could be nice
  7. A little gift set or something would be nice. Like a little gist set with bath stuff or beauty products.
  8. As somewhat else mentioned...stationary set along with a personalized/monogrammed embosser?

    Make a margarita or martini gift basket (buy a beverage tub, different colored salts or sugars, a couple of bottled mixers, salt rimmer, maybe a cocktail book.)

    Is this girl into wine or champagne?
  9. A bottle or two of nice wine? A magnum of wine (definitely NOT dinky)? A bottle of wine and a pair of nice wine glasses?
  10. try they have great, unique gifts and plenty of stuff in that price range.
  11. Depending on the girl, I usually get my girlfriends personalized jewelry. Usually an engraved bracelet or name plate earrings/necklace. Its cheap on eBay & my friends love them! =)
  12. Yes, you can! Again it does depend on what this girls like.

    How about personalized calling card and a card holder? I LOVE The Paper Princess stuff and she has a new subscription:

    Is she into shoes? Bags with Style has some great shoe bags or luggage tags if she travels lots:

    Does she have an ipod? How about a handmade ipod cover?

    Sorry I could go on. ;)
  13. Bath stuff from Bath and Body Works;
    fancy scented candles,
    L'Occitane hand cream with shea butter,
    crystal votive holders,
    a really nice bath pillow (my mom got me one that I love),
    a bath set (chocolate, fancy liquor, bubble bath, etc) - I got this once,
    sterling key chain...
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