Giftcertificates. Com Offer Anyone Else Not Get Theirs?

  1. A few weeks ago someone posted about an offer of 10% off from them. Being a nice and bargain hunting person ;) I told my SIL about the offer. On Dec. 9th she orders many gift cards and as of today she still has not received them, nor will they respond to her emails. She has been unable to get through the customer service number.

    Me feels quite bad right now as my SIL has to take time off of work today to go buy the gift cards at the stores. :sad:

    Anyone else have a problem? I received a certificate from them last year which I used w/no problems so I felt o.k. passing the deal on.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus , Happy Bargain Hunting New Year. Hope 2008 is the year of wonder purse deals!:yes:
  2. yeah. Mine are not here either. Although I did get a confirmation Weds. last week that they were shipped. Ordered three Neiman cards on the last day of the 10% sale. I am not too much of a hurry because my family won't be here visiting till the 27th but still this is a little too slow for me. Hoping they'll be in the mail today!
  3. Wow, I missed the last sale, but they are doing 10% off again now, I guess I shouldn't buy it.
  4. Got them in the mail late on the 24th (a little after I posted above) -they were mailed presorted first class, no wonder so slow. A word of caution, the NM gift cards came in with the PIN portion rubbed off. Me not like that :hrmm::huh: I checked their balances which check out ok but I really do not trust that someone rubbed them off with what purpose exactly - this bothers and dissapoints me:tdown: I am going to see if NM will exchange them for completely new ones at the store.