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  1. anyone have any experience with paying with american express giftcards at LV? i have two $25 ones that i want to use on one purchase (of course only part of it) but a lot of companies seem to be having problems with this. so far eluxury is the only company that has been able to apply an amex giftcard and use the on-file credit card for the remainder of the payment. the companies that say they can't do it claim their systems enter the amex giftcard just as a major credit card and therefore cannot take another major credit card as form of payment for the remaining balance. in other words, the system can't use two credit cards as form of payment since the system enters the giftcard simply as a major cc.

    anyone think LV will have issues with this? it's almost a little embarassing to be like, "hey, can i use these three cards to pay for this?" but they're both only $25 and i want to get rid of them, and save me 50 bucks on something. lol. i'll pay the rest in cash if i have to, but i want to get rid of these cards.
  2. :sad: no one knows?
  3. I've never used amex gift cards at LV, but i've used them repeatedly at work and i've never had any probs. Hope this gets the ball rolling.

    You could call amex, 1866, and/or the boutique you wanted to buy from with any ?s.
  4. I used an Amex gift card at Ala Moana LV. They didn't have a problem with it because they accept Amex at the store. I used a 200 GC and paid off the rest with another card (think it was Visa).

    Wish you luck!
  5. As long as you know exactly how much balance is left on the Amex card, every merchant should be able to accept multiple cards.

    The only problem is if you don't know how much is left on the card, it will come up as denied when you try to charge a large amount.
  6. i'm just wondering if they will have a problem with me wanting to use two amex gift cards and then cash or a debit card? if worst comes to worst i'll only be able to use one and a reg card, but what about two giftcards + cash or two giftcards + debit?
  7. oh goodie, not a problem, i can look it up online and then label the cards with what each has :smile: hope they don't laugh at me, lol, i've always paid in one form.
  8. Or you can just use the gift cards somewhere else. Like at the grocery store. Or go out for a nice dinner.
  9. They shouldn't have a problem with it...I have done it before with two visa girftcards and paid the rest with my Mastercard... It shouldn't be a is money
  10. You could also purchase a gift certificate from them in the amount of the giftcards and then use the gift certificate and whatever else form of payment.
  11. I used a Commerce gift card at LV. It was the same thing as using a debit card.
  12. Yeah there shouldn't be a problem. I had 3 rebate cards from Cingular that I used on a purchase recently...there was $50 each on them and my SA just kept swiping the cards lol and then I paid the rest. It's not a big deal.