1. if i have a coach giftcard for like 300 where would be a good place to sell it?
  2. not here!
  3. ^ true, definitely not there. eBay's your best bet.
  4. yeah, absolutely not here!

    and i actually think eBay might have a policy against gift cards, if i'm not mistaken? there's a site out there that lets you swap gift cards though. maybe you could swap with someone and get something you'll use.
  5. not sure which policy you're talking about, but there are tons and tons of gift cards on eBay, and even a category for them.
  6. I used to buy gift cards all the time on eBay. I think the rules say that you can sell one gift card/certificate per week with a $500 max value.
  7. i'd say ebay too. i've seen plenty there.
  8. it would sell on ebay....ive seen other gift cards on there....
  9. def. try e-bay. Good luck!
  10. I'd try ebay as well. I've seen tons of them for sale on there.
  11. thanks for help ppl