Gift wrapping: DIY or leave it to the Pros?

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  1. Hey everybody,

    Since the holiday season is upon us, I thought it would be fun to ask this:

    When it comes to gift wrapping:

    Are you a DIYer or do you leave it to the pros at the stores?


    I don't mind doing it myself, but if the store that I am at has free gift wrapping I will let them do it! I'm not a wonderful gift wrapper...If it's square or rectangular, it's all good, but when it starts getting to round things or gifts that are weird shapes, that's when it becomes difficult for me! haha, usually with those sort of things I just throw it in a bag with some tissue paper. :shame:
  2. I've become very lazy about gift wrapping. I just put things in a pretty box and give it to people. Or I use the free gift wrapping service that stores have (if it's not free, I don't use it). A lot of my presents are still unwrapped. I may just not wrap them.... Too lazy....
  3. i do it myself, i let one slip this year but other than that i wrapped everything myself. i like them all to look sort of the same :shame: and i always use the wax and seal all of mine :shame:
  4. I actually like to wrap gifts myself. Well, actually the wrapping part is kind of boring, but I really like putting ribbons and bows on and making the packages look pretty:shame:

  5. Wax?? :confused1:
  6. do it mysef....i like them to al co-ordinate
  7. that red/gold/silver/green/whatever random colours stuff you melt and seal christmas presents with.. but not that many people do it anymore.
  8. haha, I know what Wax is :smile:

    I just never knew that people used it to seal their Christmas presents. I figured most people used tape :P
  9. I do it myself! I think I'm pretty good at wrapping actually hahah.. I just take longer to wrap than other folks, because I have to crease each fold, etc!! :P
  10. I've seen letters be sealed that way. Ever see the movie "Sleepy Hollow" with Johnny Depp? They do that to a letter in the openning. It's cool looking.

    Back to topic, I let pros do it. So it looks nice. :shame:
  11. I enjoy wrapping the gifts myself - I think it's alot of fun. :smile:
  12. Neat :smile: I've seen it done to various bottles in the stores around here, but never on paper!
  13. :yes: It is pretty cool.
  14. I do my own.
    I'm a little AR admittedly about it too.
    As some of you saw in the Christmas Tree pic thread, I hvae 2+ trees.
    One is fun and whimsy - more traditional w/ mixed ornaments, teh other is a giganto tree done in some earth tone animal prints and all earth tone {goldens} ornaments.
    I put all the kids' gifts under the fun tree wrapped in fun kidlike wrap, the big tree houses the adults' gifts wrapped in beautiful animal print wrapping or similar colored wrap.

    I LOVE wrapping!
  15. It just depends.. if the store offers it, I let them do it- but if I have to go find the gift wrap counter and it is long, I do it myself. Some extra effort is nice in my opinion