Gift with purchase.

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  1. How does the gift with purchase work for the balenciaga site? if ive put both the bag and the keychain that is suppose to be the 'gift with purchase' into the cart it still shows the price of the key chain. it does not negate the amount. is this a boutique only option or can the gift with purchase be attained by purchasing off of the website.?
  2. I was wondering the same thing
  3. Has anyone figured this out?

    I didn't want to go through with a purchase without being sure the gift was going to be added after the fact. I have emailed Balenciaga's US customer care for instructions, but I haven't seen a response yet.
  4. I emailed Balenciaga online customer care and this is what they said, "The GWP keychain is automatically included with your order of an arena handbag valued $1445 or more. No code or additional item must be added to your cart in order to receive the gift. "
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    It doesn't look like you have a choice of color or of city vs. first for the keychain.
  6. I received a tiny Mangue first with the bag. But I would prefer a tiny city :sad:
  7. You're lucky to have gotten a response! No one emailed me back, and now the offer seems to have ended. :sad:
  8. I was told to email CS my 1st and 2nd choice for the gift (tiny city vs. tiny first and the color) and I did, but turned out they only have the Mangue tiny first available after I placed the order and called. Very disappointed and they did not mention that to me before I purchased. This is the wrong way to entice customers to buy.

    PS: on the website there are still plenty of tiny city showing available but the CS blatantly lied that all of them are out! And claimed that the website inventory status is not accurate - liar!
  9. Customer Care told me by email today that the keychains are no longer available as gifts with purchase due to "overwhelming demand." Color me skeptical, given that they are still available to buy. No one ever responded to my first email, so I missed out on the offer completely. What a frustrating experience! I told them their website needs to give instructions on how to participate in the offer and they need to provide a date of expiration. Very sad about this.
  10. I'm so sorry you missed the offer Graefka... :sad: The CS is not that helpful or considerate. I have lost confidence in them. Read a number of complaints on the forum before and now I have experienced it myself... It's really a shame! I ended up getting a Mangue tiny first as my gift... I think you would have receive that too if you ordered. Would you be ok with that choice? (the only choice too...see my thread in the shopping section about gift w/ purchase) For me I am disappointed and when I receive my package on Monday I am going to send it back. :shucks: What a hassle and Balenciaga has to suffer the consequences of its own poor service.
  11. I would have loved the mangue tiny First! It's adorable. I'm sorry you are disappointed with it, though. On the bright side, I am thrilled with the coquelicot Velo I received. I still feel sad to have missed out on the keychain, but I am trying to move beyond the disappointment.
  12. Yes it's time to move on! Maybe there will be another promotion later on. If they did it once, why not again!
    I'm glad you got the coquelicot velo, that's a beautiful red! Congrats!!