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  1. Dear Ladies,

    i just would like to ask for your opinions:
    i received a gift-voucher in worth of 1.000USD.
    what should i buy????
    i am not so much a scarf person...agenda i have already...
    looking forward to get your suggestuions!
  2. What about a bearn or azap wallet?
  3. Maybe evelyn bag with adding little extra to $1000? I think that bag is around $1650~$1700...?
  4. For $1,000 USD, I'd look into any of the following:

    a compact Bearn wallet (around $1,200 depending on skin)
    a Karo PM or GM clutch (around $545-$675 depending on size)
    a cadena (around $200-300)
    a cashmere blanket (I think these are around $1200 and up?)
    a Scrib (pen case with zipper across the top--I think it's around $600)
    a Collier de Chien cuff (around $920)
    a Ulysee photo brag book (around $300)
    or some enamel bracelets ($300-575)
  5. What do you ladies think about the Valparaiso?
    or is it wasted money?
    i also wouldnt mind to some extra cash to it and get something nice:yes:
  6. Ohhh, a cashmere blanket sounds so nice right now!
  7. they have really nice SS/gold rings starting at ~$400.

    cashmere scarves starting at ~$350

    gloves would be nice too
  8. I like it...or a Garden Party if you added more. :yes:

    If I had $1000 I would get a scarf, a Hapi MM bracelet in red, and an elephant cadena...that's just what's on my wish list! :tender:
  9. Orchids has said it all! Any or all of the above....have fun!
  10. Looks like someone has been doing some gift research! :roflmfao:
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Looks like my wishlist for Santa!!! ;)
  12. LOL--you should all know by now that any and all shopping suggestions I give are thinly veiled excuses for projecting my own wishlist onto everyone else. :graucho:

    MM, a bag would be great. I think the Valparaiso is nice--kind of like a GPT but with a flap.
  13. Thanks everyone for the wonderful suggestions!!!!
    i am going to have a look today....
    ..i know MissKelly would make me very happy!!!!!maybe H does some sale on a very ugly 32 black evergrain Kelly today???:yahoo:
  14. Hi Everyone!
    today was not my day!i didnt find anything at Hermes!
    yes, of course i found nice scarves, keychains, cadenas...
    but i just felt like 'waste the money' of all these small items.
    Am i crazy?:wtf:
    Thanks God and lovely TPF' members my life goes in the right way again so i am thinking to save the voucher and get my very own Valentine's-day gift in Feb???:yahoo:
    ....i would like to buy something...and save....and all in the same time!!!
    Did you ever had this 'i dont care,i buy it' feeling?why i dont get this????
  15. MM, good job in staying the course and holding out for a bag that you want. If you're not into the smaller items, then definitely wait to use your gift voucher until you see the right bag!