Gift Suites - The BEST EVER!

  1. Fortunately I work in an industry where there are tons of perks - like attending celebrity gift suites...usually located in a conference room of a hotel during award shows, fashion weeks, holidays etc. Its a like a little marketplace of FREE products - like cellphones, designer bags, skincare, accessories, etc.

    My latest grabs have been a full line of Aveda skincare (made me break out) A palm treo 700, a fendi SPY bag, a bunch of other gadgets and stuff that I usually try to sell on ebay when my closets get too packed with stuff.

    The reason I am telling you all this? As a first generation latina and college graduate here in Los Angeles, everyone told me that I couldn't live the kind of life I am living. So ALL YOU LADIES IN COLLEGE - KEEP IT UP AND NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING!

    It's graduation season and I am about to attend my 4th one in 2 weeks and I am just SO proud of all the hard work and want to attest to dreams indeed coming true.

    so congrats and get your dream on!!!! :flowers:
  2. I NEED to go to one of those gift suites....I think it's ironic that the gifts are given to the people that have enough $$$ to buy the stuff!!!!
  3. lol i know! paris hilton can buy whatever she wants! send some gifts my way pretty please?? :flowers:
  4. hey monablu, curious, what do you do for a living? you can pm me if you want.

    (maybe i'll switch careers! lol)
  5. Did you guys see the Sopranos a few weeks ago where Christopher followed Ben Kinglsey into one of those?
    Monablu, you rock, many kudos to you for starting a new tradition!
  6. I did see that episode of the Sopranos...I was drooling!
  7. Thanks for the post, Monablu! I love listening to stories like yours. I just graduated and there are career fields that I'd like to get into but people keep telling me that I will never make it! Listening to them makes me work even harder and who knows, maybe I'll make it out there after all!
  8. Hmm... maybe I should change my career too. :graucho:
  9. What is it that you do?
  10. oh my.. please PM your little secret of a career =)
  11. I am an art director and multi-media producer by day and dominatrix by night. The dominatrix part is just for 'therapy' though to keep me sane of being a creative professional. plus it feeds my shoe frenzy.

    Ironically, I have my undergraduate BS in psychology and a Master's in forensic anthropology. I always tell everyone who asks me if I put my education to use 'HELL YEA! Education has taught me how to learn, and learning something every day is priceless!".

    Now as for my segue into being an art director, it is a long long story which originated somewhere in the early 90's with the dot-com boom and has been an adverturous and wild ride ever since. I wouldn't trade it in for the world.
  12. girl don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do ANYTHING. My best friend's mother has a saying that makes so so so much sense:
    "if the want to is there, the how to will come".

    follow your dreams!
  13. I run my own jewelry business and I get asked to donate to this gift bag or that swag. They want you to donate like 100 of items and then pay a fee too. It is a shame because the celebrities can afford the items.
  14. well yes, but if a celebrity actually wears your item and it gets photographed in a trash rag, your sales will skyrocket out of this world - so therefore it is moreso an advertisement fee. and probably works much better than any advertising campaign by even the most elite of agencies...
  15. Thank you! :yes: