Gift suggestions to bring new mom at hospital?

  1. Hi -- My closest friend is getting induced as we speak. I will be heading to the hospital later to see the new arrival (her second). Any suggestions as to what I can bring with me for her? Maybe something small for the baby too (I will get the baby something larger later)? I was not in the country for the birth of her first so I never got anything for my friend (but did for the baby when I got back).

  2. I think something small for the baby would be nice, and maybe a gift certificate for a restaurant for when your friend is back on her feet. I know getting a meal on the table was a real chore back when I first had my kids.

    Another possibility is a gift certificate for one free housecleaning (either by you or a service) after the baby comes home. It's all about making life easier for mom when a new baby comes home.
  3. Oh, something else: Since she already has one child, maybe something small for him/her so they feel special too even though the baby is getting something.
  4. Thanks! I had not thought of that (although I should have). For my friend, do you bring balloons, flowers, candy or anything like that?? She LOVES chocolate but I am afriad she'll kill me for bringing it as she has been freaking out about her weight (even though she looks amazing). She does love gummy bears though.
  5. I got some flowers and balloons when I had my kids, but the thing that meant the most to me was one friend bringing over a big container of soup after I was home from the hospital, so that was one meal taken care of. Maybe bring her a balloon and a small box of chocolates so you don't totally wreck her weight.
  6. aww, congrats! & congrats to your friend too! Thats super news!

    Well, seeing as shes going though a majorly traumatic & painful process(even if it is all worth it in the end!) I would get her something fabulous & a real treat, something she wouldn't normally buy herself, maybe a Jo Malone candle? or a little bottle of Antonia's Flowers scent? something special, just for her & preferably nothing 'baby related'. I don't have children, but my best friend was absolutely devastated when after the birth of her first, everybody gave her baby related presents,('useful' things like changing mats & nappies) nothing at all for just her (gosh! that sounds dreadful, but you know what I mean?) She'd just pushed a baby out & felt totally unfeminine & unattractive & the 'best' present she got was a bottle of sore nipple cream!

    So, I'd say something that feels a little naughty, something she's always wanted but never dared buy herself?

    hope that helps!

  7. oooh! just read Tammy's post! what a fabulous idea! Howabout a small box of extremely luxurious chocolates! Like Godivas? Or something like that? a sort of 'well done you'! present! handmade chocs are the best present sometimes!
  8. Are they aware of the gender of the baby yet? If they already know the gender and have a name you can do what I did. I have a friend who had a c-section and they knew she was having a girl named Jaden. I went to Tiffany and got her one of the sterling Elsa Peretti initial necklaces with a "J" on it. SHE LOVES IT. I think that most people get oodles of gifts for the baby, it's nice to give something special to Mommy too. She said she plans to give the pendant to Jaden as a gift when she turns 21. You can also do this after the baby is born and has been named too.
  9. Good gifts for mom would be gift cards to local restaurants, a small basket with something nice for her like a handwritten card promising a night of babysitting so she can get out of the house for an evening, lotions, lip balm (Burts Bees makes great tinted ones) if you can get it Philosophy makes great shampoo-body wash-bubble bath all in one bottle. Anything to make her life simpler and help her feel pretty. Taking a quick shower is the best you can do when you have a newborn!

    For the baby and sibling, how about small matching stuffed animals, so they have a set?
  10. i have always brought flowers, cookies, fruit baskets.. n for the baby.. well, a lil stuffie is a good start....
  11. Thanks for all the good ideas!! She called a couple hours ago and said I can bring her daughter a coloring book or doggy stuffed animal. I will probably do both and pick "mom" up some chocolate and something girly like candles, lotion, etc...
  12. Being a mommy of 3 myself, I absolutely loved when I was given a special bag full of treats for myself. Loations, bubble bath, choclates etc. It was such a nice treat since I was soooo tired and the baby already had so much from showr gifts and just gifs in general. It made me feel very special.
  13. I would bring her something to do while in the hospital...maybe a totally trashy beach novel that she can lose herself in for a couple hours while baby is sleeping...and also something nice like lotions (maybe a great cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks) or chocolates (a small box so she doesn't feel like she is overindulging)....orrrr chocolate covered gummy bears lol
    As for the new idea for later on might be a monogrammed baby blanket (something to treasure forever). Another idea is a "build-a-bear" stuffed animal (if you have a shop near you) with a personalized message for the baby that she will have forever (I did this for my nephew and his mom loved it!)
    For the older girl I would get her a nice stuffed animal or toy so that she doesn't feel left out.
  14. So funny. She just called again. The baby does not want to come out. Her due date was Monday. They gave her patosin (sp?) earlier today and just gave her the epidural but so far nothing.

    What I would really love to give her is a bbag. I had one in my front seat last week and she walked me to my car and she grabbed it. She had never seen one and loved it. If only they were cheaper...
  15. I think if you gave her a Bbag the baby would pop right out from the shock of it. That would have done it for me anyway! LOL. Seriously if they just gave her patosin and an epi. She will be a new mommy in around 10 hours or less. Good Luck!