Gift suggestions for nieces (ages 4, 7 and 9)?

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  1. Most of my friends have kids that are a bit younger so I thought I would pose the question here. I have not been a good aunt of late (out of town a lot) so was not able to get my nieces their birthday gifts. The last one has her birthday next week so I want to send a package with all their gifts but I do not know what to get them. I would like to get them all something similar. Price is not an issue. Are there any clothes that are really in right now for girls? Or is there some kind of jewelry someone can recommend? Or any cute bags, pillows, anything like that? I do not want to do toys as they have a ton. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a 6 year old. I think anything involving Hannah Montana would be a hit! Or maybe something to do with American Girl dolls? Good Luck!
  3. ipod, wii, webkiz (not sure how to spell it) and like the previous poster said Hannah Montana! Lucky girls!
  4. I cant really "recommend" anything because all girls are different. But to me-for the younger girls, "dress up" things are great. Every girl LOVES Hannah Montana, I know here-we have this store in the mall that allows girls to go in and play and get all dressed up. I've never been in there-just an on-looker from outside, but it looks like it would be fun for a little girl. I will try to find the name of the store and post it here, maybe you could get a gift certificate for something like that-if they have one in your area. For the older kids anything electronic is cool, like a Nintendo DS or something similar, with a few games to go with it. You can always get them a gift card for the mall that way they can go and pick whatever they'd like, in whatever store they'd like.
    Ummmmm hmmm... I guess I have it pretty easy-my 5 y/o niece(not really niece, but BFF daughter) loves anything involving a horse, and she loves jewelry and handbags(go figure!) so she is super easy to shop for lol. The other 7 y/o gets all clothes, she has a crazy obsession with clothes, and gets more excited over a new outfit then she would anything else. Everyone else gets Coach bags or a gift certificate to Coach lmao! Coach loves me when it comes to day after Thanksgiving lol.

    Ok, wow-I wrote a book lol. I will do a search for that store...
  5. Ok, its called "Justice"
    Here is the website..
    It looks like they have a store in pretty much every state. All I know about the store is that it looks uber fun for a little girl! lol. And the place is always I guess thats a good sign!
  6. My 6 year old cousin and her friends LOVE Hannah Montana. Anything with Hannah from the Disney store would probably be a hit. Also, maybe you could get some books for them. They can share.
  7. My daughter is 9 yo. She says to get them Hanna Montana, High School Musical and The Jonah Brother's stuff. Go to Limited Too, they have a big selection and the cutest outfits ever. They also have shoes, little handbags, make up, jewerly, books, accesories for the room, even bean bags. It will be nice to get them some Simmon Gift cards that word like credit cards, they'll love it and they get to buy whatever they want anywhere.
  8. I recently set up 529 college savings plans for each of my nieces/nephews. I balanced them out by age, the oldest started with $600, the middle child with $400 and the youngest with $200. Then I set up monthly deposits of $60, $40 and $20 respectively. I don't know how popular my gift is with them right now (I'm going to severely curtail their Christmas gifts) but I think they will really appreciate it when they get ready to go to college (their parents will NOT be able to help fund college).

  9. Do you wanna another niece :roflmfao:. I'd appreciate this a lot. Just kidding, its such a great idea. It's worth more than all the presents in the world. I am sure they will appreciate what you are doing for them, you are a great auntie.
  10. My 7 year old niece loves Claire's. They have them in every mall, I think. Lots of jewelry, Hannah Montana and Cheetah Girl stuff....Get them a gift Certificate...little girls love picking out stuff on their own.
  11. Thank you for all the great suggestions. I am looking into all of them today.